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SCL Footwear Group is currently a progressive leader in the license footwear segment. SCL’s primary goal is thru license revenue to acquire or create an in house brand to complement its current license programs. Our company strives to employ the best design and manufacturing standards that will most effectively service the retailers that we do business with.

SCL Footwear Group maintains a core value that retailers are looking for in companies with experience, a vat knowledge of their products & consumers we recognize that retailers have a choice of many importers they can support.It is our goal to provide service, value and innovation in our market segment. We work closely with our retail partners to achieve that goal.

SCL Footwear Group’s growth in the next 3-5 years will come from the acquisition of the other companies, brand names & license agreements. We have the ability to diversify product lines with assistance from overseas factories and agency relationships. Expansion of our current cusomer base to other retail levels will be possible thru our current sales network and in house sales teams. Paying for essentially desired show you exactly how carding cash out 2017 are accomplishing it all accurate and after this.